Producing DaBoyDame's music video was an exciting and rewarding experience for our production company. The creative production team worked closely with the artists to understand their vision and develop a concept that aligned with the song's message. Filming took place in two locations, the streets of Oakland, CA, and a studio in Atlanta, which presented unique challenges in terms of logistics and production. However, our team was able to navigate these obstacles to deliver a high-quality music video that captured the essence of the song and provided a compelling visual experience for the audience.
Client: Def Jam
Industry: Music 
Services: Production, Art Direction, Post-Production 

Category: Music Video
Official Video
Director: Mills Miller
Producer: Jason Claiborne
Co-Producer: Evilise Quijano
Video Commissioner(s): Yolande Geralds + Remi Williams
Director of Photography (Atlanta): Jeremy Bell
Director of Photography + Drone Operator (Oakland): Justin Guo
1st AC: Draven Kleer
Gaffer: Kai Hunte
Key Grip: Larry Frazier
Additional Camera: Mills Miller
Makeup: Mischa Murphy
Art Department: Andrew O’Connor
Art Assistant: Alex Gilliam
Production Assistant: Quar Brown
Production Assistant: Agent Matthews

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